Feb 24, 2008

Australian Parliament House to host its first Jewish wedding

Jehane Sharah
February 24, 2008

Workplace wedding ... Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby is tying the knot at Parliament House.
Workplace wedding ... Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby is tying the knot at Parliament House.

Mr Danby (pictured), the member for Melbourne Ports, will tie the knot with long-time partner Amanda Mendes Da Costa. Mr Danby insists he chose to wed in Canberra because of its central location, not because of the strict work ethic laid down by leader Kevin Rudd. "Michael has friends from all over the country ... [Canberra] seemed a nice, central place," Mr Danby's spokeswoman said. In a traditional ceremony, the bedecken - veiling ceremony - will take place in the Marble Hall, with the chuppah - traditional Jewish wedding canopy - erected at the Queens Terrace. Presiding over the ceremony will be rabbis Reisenberg, Rubinfeld and Gutnick. Dinner will follow in the Mural Hall, with two truckloads of kosher catering being driven from Melbourne to feed guests.About 200 people are expected to attend, including Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Ms Mendes Da Costa, who is of Jewish descent, recently converted to the faith. Mr Danby's spokeswoman said the couple had paid the full cost of the wedding.

The newlyweds will honeymoon briefly on Victoria's Surf Coast before Mr Danby gets back to business.

Source: The Sun-Herald

Feb 4, 2008

Knitted Chuppah

This amazingly beautiful Knitted Chuppah, featured in the summer '07 issue of Interweave Knits Magazine, was made by Kat Coyle. Chuppah, which symbolizes the new home the couple standing under it is about to create, in Hebrew means a covering, and according to some Jewish traditions refers to a wrapping garment or a veil. (You'll find some couples will wrap themselves in a Tallit while under the Chuppah to include this interpretation of the word Chuppah, as well.) This knitted Chuppah gives one a warm, cozy feel as if one was wrapped in the fabric, and the white is simply illuminating.

Here's a photo of another Knitted Chuppah, this one from mayarn.com.