Nov 27, 2007

Kwarx under the Chuppah


'Unbreakable' glass launched

May 23, 2006
kwarx Felicity Carter

An 'unbreakable' wine glass made of a new material called Kwarx has been launched at Vinexpo in Hong Kong.

The makers claim it is the most important revolution in glass since automated lead crystal production. Philippe Durand, Chairman of ARC International, the company which developed the process, would only say 'Kwarx is a new material' but jealously guarded the actual formula.

Kwarx glass is made to a secret formula and is supposed to retain lustre and transparency as well as being unbreakable....

Before attempting to break a wine glass under the chuppah, make sure it's not made of Kwarx!


If you are thinking of some good shtick for your friend's wedding? How bout an ole fashion punk'd wedding prank with this wacky new creation from our allways humor minded friends in Hong Kong: Unbreakable glass.

Made of a new material called Kwarx, this glass would make for the perfect for revenge on an ex-boyfriend or a priceless moment at a guy/girl who has been a jokester all his life. This will finally even the score.


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