Dec 1, 2007

Another Bride / Another Groom

Set to open On December 1st, 2007, Another Bride Another Groom is a musical journey on a magic carpet back in time to that Golden Era of the Jewish Wedding bands. A time when you heard wonderful music and you didn't have to put cotton balls in your ears.

Drama, comedy, traditions and stories that were never told all unfold as the wedding progresses. Starts where Fiddler ended. Featuring a live international orchestra!

“Another Bride, Another Groom” is a musical show that recreates a Jewish Wedding, not only with wonderful songs and dance but also with many stories and memories of both happy and sad times. A “simcha” that stimulates your senses and provokes your imagination. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, but when our magical journey ends, you’ll still be flying high.

A creation of Alan Helzner - this semi-autobiographical tale based on 35 years on the road as a Jewish wedding band leader, will "bring people back to something real."

"This really picks up where 'Fiddler' ended," Mr. Helzner says. "As the wedding in the show progresses, you go through the golden era of wedding music that flourished until it gradually, sadly disappeared. I think it's indicative of something going through the country - children today are pulling away from family and tradition, but I hope 'Another Bride, Another Groom' will open up the possibility of bringing people back to something real."

"Another Bride, Another Groom" opens Dec. 1 at the Raymond and Miriam Klein Branch Jewish Community Center, Polonsky Theater, 10100 Jamison Ave. The show runs through Dec. 9. Tickets are $25. Call 215 947-0409 or visit


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oy vey

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another bride another DOOM.