Dec 22, 2007

Destination Jewish Weddings

When it comes to Destination Jewish Weddings, Israel is overwhelmingly the place where Jewish couples choose to tie the knot. Some of the more traditional couples are attracted by the idea of having the Western Wall in the background when they are standing under the Cuppah, which is possible with a number of rooftop locations in the Old City.

For some couples it's a matter of practicality, since many of their friends and relatives may reside in Israel or Europe. There's also the weather. Between April and October, Israel receives virtually zero rainfall, which makes weather issues a non issue. Other couples that are primarily interested in the exotique know that there are no shortages of dazzling and breathtaking venues in Israel. With views of the Mediterranean ocean, the Dead Sea, or the Red Sea, and in places like Ein Gedi or Eilat, Israel abounds with settings for exciting and unique wedding ceremonies and receptions.

How about a Kibbutz?

A very popular destination for Tourists and Israelis alike is the Havat Ronit Kibbutz. With large, spacious ground, this location lends itself to a variety of moods. Day or night, indoors or outdoors, Havat Ronit has the capacity and also the staff to create a wedding to remember. Here are some images to give you a glimpse.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting married at Villa Melchett on the Sea of Galilee - I've heard it's amazing but wanted to know if anyone out there has heard about it or been there?

Nikki Fenton said...

Villa Melchett is a wonderful place to get married. I am a wedding planner in Israel and the Villa is a very popular choice for those willing to get married outside the centre of the country.