Dec 25, 2007

You Break It - They Fix It

As you know, for the grand finale of your Jewish Wedding ceremony you're going to smash a glass by stomping it with your foot. (It has been said, that it is the last time you're going to put your foot down.) The crowd will be waiting to hear that glass shatter - they know it's their cue to shout 'Mazel Tov' in unison.

Have you ever thought about saving those glass shards as a keepsake of that wonderful moment, the exact second that your ceremony was complete? But, what will you do with shards of glass?

This is where the crafty folks at come in. What they do is give you a special hand blown glass to break under the Chuppah; afterwards you ship the shards back to them (make sure to write 'Fragile' on the box.) MazelTovGlass then molds them back together with clear glass for an unique Mazel Tove Glass Heirloom. Whole again and better than ever. (At least until the time your kids will get to it.) They offer many design options and colors. You could make a vase, wine glasses, or fruit bowl. Take a look at their site for more info.

Here are just some examples of the finished product:

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Andrea said...

i am one of the creators of Mazel Tov Glass and very new to the blog world. Thanks for including our biz on your site. Andrea