Jan 21, 2008

Bridal Inspirations: Basia Zarzycka, London, UK

Most of us can't afford a gown commission from Basia Zarzycka, a London based independent designer with clients ranging from foreign Royalty to international pop stars and some of the biggest names in Hollywood - her custom gown orders start at 10,000 British Pounds, and go as high as... well, there's really no limit. The truth is that not everyone will even want to adorn themselves in the eccentric, incredibly over the top style that is Basia's signature. Her timeless, unusual work, her one-of-a-kind fabrics, minute details, and magical accessories, however, are just perfect when you're looking for wedding inspiration... and all of us are.

Basia in her shop amidst her accouterments.

Basia Zarzycka's Shop in Sloane Square, London.

Dress Detail

Vintage Accessories

Who says a wedding gown should be white?

To be further enchanted, visit Basia's website at basia-zarzycka.com.

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