Jan 21, 2008

Under the Chuppah - Berlin

If you really want to stand under a Chuppah but just can't seem to get the opportunity, either because you aren't Jewish or because you still haven't found the right chuppmate, and say you find yourself in Berlin, Germany, stop by the Judische Museum there which hosts an interactive exhibit that's open on all four sides. You can stand under this installation, pictured above, one of the many exhibits of the Jewish Museum that catalog Jewish Life in Germany over the past 1000 years, and listen to Jewish wedding music. You might have to share the Chuppah, though, with another museum visitor. (You don't have to go home with him/her.)

The Museum's Glass Courtyard and Old Building, a view from the Museum Garden

You can also get a panoramic glimpse of the museum from under the Chuppah at rundbild.com.

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